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11 DIY Wedding Projects You’ll Love

The more you get into planning your wedding, the more you will think about things that you can “do-it-yourself” – either to add your personal touch to the event or simply to save a little bit of money. With that in mind, we looked everywhere for unique and practical DIY wedding projects you’ll love! And don’t worry, you don’t have to be Miss Crafty to get these done (or own a hot glue gun for the majority of them for that matter).

1. Cake Topper

Cake toppers are so versatile and can say so much about the couple. This cute idea is the perfect way to glam up your cake! You can easily match the flags with your color scheme, plus personalize the words however you like.

2. Pomander Balls

Spice up your decor with these exultant pomander balls! Easy to put together, there are so many ways you can use these babies on your decor. You can decorate the aisle as shown in the picture, hang them on the chairs, fill tall glass vases with them, or do a suspended centerpiece, just to name a few. Also, bonus points for the tutorial that helps you with the math and figuring out how many flowers you’ll need depending on the size you want to make them.

3. Escort Card

If you are the kind of person with a lot of good intentions but limited craftiness or time, this one is for you. This simple yet elegant idea will add a nice touch to the event, at the same time that the dried lavender will provide a pleasing fragrance your guests will enjoy.

4. Vintage Luggage Guest Book

There are many DIY guest book ideas out there but we particularly like this one because it’s simple and looks fun. The idea is setting up a vintage luggage on the table, get a few postcards to go with it and have your guests sign the postcard. With that, the DIY part of the project is straightforward – print out directions for signing the guest book and customize the luggage as you wish.

5. Macaroon Place Cards

Who doesn’t like a small treat before dinner? This fun idea is an awesome combination of practical and delicious. You can order the macaroons matching your decor and color scheme, and just DIY the flags and stacking them up. If you feel extra inspired, go ahead and make the macaroons from scratch!

6. Floral Wedding Crown

Nowadays it seems that brides are slowly moving away from veils and choosing some sort of headpiece instead. This gorgeous floral wedding crown goes really well with outdoor and/or rustic boho wedding events.

7. Concrete Candles

The industrial look in weddings (as well as in dining establishments) have been becoming more and more popular in the past couple of years. These distinctive concrete candles will definitely stand out in your decor and set the right mood and feel for your event.

8. Napkin Rings

So classy and so easy. You can choose from hundreds of design (according to your crafty skills) and make stunning napkin rings that will take your table setting to a whole new level. Most likely you’ll have a considerable amount of napkin rings to make so this is a great project to do as a group if you want to involve more people (or if more people want to be involved).

9. Table Frame

For brides, coming up with a seating chart is either a thrill or not. Whichever is the category that applies to you, here’s an adorable way to show off all your hard work. If you’re not doing a seating chart but is so excited to try this out, you can use it to hang Polaroid or Instagram pictures of you and your future husband to display at your wedding.

10. Rosy Stationery

I really want to meet the person who had this idea. Such a neat and simple way to decorate blank cards and envelopes! It can also be a cool way to involve your fiance in the DIY wedding projects world if he doesn’t have experience in this realm.

11. Buffet Stands

We love this idea! It takes more skill and effort than the previous projects, but it’s still doable. You can be as creative as you want with the designs, colors, heights, etc. and truly make it your own. After all, the delicious food you’ll serve at your wedding deserves a place where it will stand out (no pun intended).

Maybe now you want to make all of these ideas come to life, but remember to keep your DIY wedding projects list realistic. If you have a couple or more projects, make sure they complement each other and that you’re not doing multiple things because they look cool on their own but don’t really go together. You are doing a lot already and you don’t want to add more stuff to your plate if it will just stress you out.

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