5 DIY Chandeliers and Hanging Light Fixtures to Upgrade Your Space

I recently switched out one of the light fixtures in our house that I had always hated since we bought the house and you wouldn’t believe what a difference it makes! It instantly transformed the look of the space and created a much more cohesive design rather than have the light fixture clash with all my other furniture and decor.

Light fixtures sure can get pricey though, so I rounded up my favorite DIY chandeliers and light fixtures you can make for a fraction of the price. I also included a link at the end to the light fixture I just purchased for our dining room and am TOTALLY in love with!

1. Wooden Bead Chandelier

This is seriously the best DIY version I have seen of these expensive wood bead chandeliers from the store.

2. Upcycled Globe Pendant Light

I love the theme of maps in home decor and these repurposed old globe lights are one of a kind and super creative. I love the look of this globe light fixture above, but I kept getting a security warning when trying to visit the site. Since I didn’t want to send you anywhere questionable, you can check out this tutorial to recreate the look above.

3. DIY String Pendant Light

Staring at a ball of string, would you ever think, “Oh, I should turn this into a DIY light fixture?” Me neither, but they are totally gorgeous!

4. DIY Chandelier Makeover You Will Not Believe

How incredible is the before and after photo for this DIY chandelier makeover. It goes from generic and brass to rustic and farmhouse chic instantly! Just goes to show you the potential for some makeovers of your old pieces. I know I personally used to have a chandelier just like this in our old house, so wish I would have seen this back then and I wouldn’t have had to buy a completely new one!

5. DIY Bent Arm Chandelier

Can we just take a moment and talk about how incredible every project that comes from Vintage Revivals is? This DIY light fixture is no exception and is better looking than most light fixtures you can buy for 10 times as much.

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