7 Best Wedding Gifts the Bride and Groom Never Knew They Needed

A famous writer Paulo Coelho quotes, ‘Love is just a word; until someone comes along and gives it a meaning’. Indeed true! Marriage is the start of a new life for a happy couple, who has decided to stay together forever. Along with the required blessings, gift the soulmates something genuine which stays with them throughout. It would be a wise thing to invest money in some useful rather than following the crowd with the same clichéd gifts.

1. Classic kettle style charcoal grill

This could be an extraordinary gift for the newlyweds. A charcoal grill can be used during a feast or occasion. Gift them a Weber Smokey Joe Premium Charcoal Grill available on Amazon. The porcelain enamel coating protects against rust while the plated steel cooking grate is easy to clean. The portable grill is best for camping, picnics or during an anniversary treat.

2. An artful bakeware

For the couples who love baking! Gift the sweet duo with an artistic bakeware. Get a magnificent set of glassware from Pyrex that might be essential to bake cakes, cookies together, weaving passionate memories for the couple. Pyrex offers a deceitful set of one-of-a-kind watercolor effect that will beautify your kitchen.

3. Classic, durable suitcase

Samsonite offers lightweight and stylish sideways suitcases for honeymoon and other future trips. Made of polycarbonate, the suitcase is wide enough to fit all the necessities of the couple. The suitcase has a low center of gravity making it stable and is highly durable.

4. Kitchenware

The couple has bought a new house, help them with essential kitchenware that can help them save some money on doing their kitchen. A perfect kettle for their daily coffee or handy cookware set and even a shining sharp kitchen set for the couple who loves to cook. A cooking crash course or a cooking tip book will work wonders during a family event. This will surely be appreciated by them and will stay quite a long time with them.

5. Monogrammed gift

Engrave the wedding date or the name on dual towels, cups or a personalized cutting board. The initial name dug over a collage or a photo frame would surely be most appreciated and memorable. Add the best photos of their ‘Journey of Love’. A customized pillow that adds a modern personalized element to their bedroom.

6. Envelope wrapped with blessings

A decent wedding envelope with a desired amount for the lucky couple is good option too. If you fail to decide on a great gift for the love birds, then some cash would be good for the couple that will aid them after the heavy expense of  marriage. An adorable card with some thoughtful words for the partners.

7. An ethereal portrait or landscape

A wall filled with elegant photo frame will be admired by the artist couple. A classic portrait of the best wedding day pic or a mind boggling piece of art would surely act as a great wedding gift. A perfect piece of art hanging over the wall will give a classic look to the hall room.


It is the special day for the couple and make it more unique with your thoughtful gift ideas that would be remembered forever. These wedding gifts fulfill the basic necessities and thus saving money after the gala wedding. Spread your blessings in the form of these decent yet useful gifts.

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