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8 Amazing Wedding Cake Trends

Besides your groom, the next tastiest thing in the room will be your wedding cake! There are numerous different designs, styles, flavors, frostings, heights, etc…but you’ll most likely be the one taking the first bite, so get something you’ll love. Below are our favorite 8 wedding cake trends for 2018. Feast your eyes on these beauties!

1. Multiple Wedding Cakes

Why stop at just one cake when you can have…well, more! Try a small spread of three cakes differing in height for a fun, eye catching display. This will be a unique display and give you the chance to have different flavors and designs on your cakes, all while sticking with  your gorgeous theme and style, of course.

2. Naked Wedding Cakes

If you’re thinking of doing a colorful cake batter, adding fruit between your cake layers, or doing something fun and scrumptious besides cake (like crepes or rice crispy treats), this is a fun way to show off the delicious insides! You can get very creative and colorful real quick with this style.

3. Metallic Wedding Cakes

Make that cake shimmer! A little pizazz on the table with the right metallic color choice can fit any wedding style and your cake is the trendy place to put that bit of sparkle. Go for traditional gold and silver or jump out of the norm with reds or blues!

4. Geometric Wedding Cakes

Go for a contemporary look with squares, triangles, hexagons, and more. Your color palette and the right shape could inspire a beautiful design pattern that is rhythmic and complementary to your whole event.

5. Fresh Flower Wedding Cakes

Fresh flowers are making a huge statement on wedding cakes! The natural beauty, color and design will cause doubletakes and act as the perfect compliment to a tiered cake. This is a gorgeous way to tie in all your florals from your wedding bouquet and centerpieces. Keeping it real is spot on trendy.

6. Illustrated Wedding Cakes

When designing your wedding cake, you need to think about your colors and theme/style — and if you’re ready to make a statement with those two things, illustration can take it to a whole new level. You can actually have ANY design style and illustration printed on your cake to make your theme pop in the most unique way possible.

7. Strawberry Tower “Cakes”

Now here’s one you’ve probably never seen – check out the twist on this non-cake wedding cake! We love the use of dipped strawberries that can be easily tailored to your wedding colors, and the incorporation of fresh flowers is spot on. Your guests will love this unique creation purely for the jaw dropping eye candy that it is, and it will be sooo tasty too!

8. Ombre Wedding Cakes

Let’s talk about gorgeous! Imagine one or both of your wedding colors in a nearly waterfall-esk gradient down your cake. This transitional color palette strikes the whimsical fancy in all of us. It’s glamorous, yet fun. Love this trend!

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