9 Craft Ideas Especially for Boys

Boys like to do things that they consider to be manly, so I’ve looked for projects that fit that category. I’ve included a picture of each of the projects and the name and address of the site. When you click on the site name you’ll be taken directly to the project page.

I hope the boys find a project that they want to do. For the directions for the airplane craft shown above.

1. Salt Dough Snowman Pops

Making your own salt dough type clay is super easy and inexpensive. Make the snowman pops the way they are shown, or instead of using the lollipop sticks, use a little eye screw to make ornaments. A great tutorial at Eyeballs By Day Crafts By Night makes this an easy project.

2. Clothespin and Buttons Race Cars

One of the things that makes racing cars fun, is the making of the race car. Clothespins and buttons are the main supplies needed to make this race car. Go to ikatbag for the instructions on making the cars.

3. Harry Potter’s Golden Snitch

Everyone that loves Harry Potter books must imagine what the golden snitch looked like. Now you can make one of your own by following the directions at THE SURPRISE-AHOLIC. This golden snitch looks like an expensive sport.

4. Rock Garden Markers

You’ll probably want to hide your river rocks when the boys start making these rock garden markers. They can make any size that they want to following the instructions at Adventure in a Box. This is a great gift idea for kids to give to parents or grandparents.

5. Flying Carp

Making koinori, or flying fish, is a way that the Japanese celebrate Boy’s Day. These wind socks are made with a fish signifying each boy in the family. I love the bright colors used in this project. You can find the tutorial for making the flying carp at SQUIRRELLY MINDS. An impressive wind sock.

6. Pipe Cleaner Ninjas

Just imagine all the fun that the boys will have making these pipe cleaner ninjas. Find out what you need for supplies and the tutorial for making the ninjas at Frugal Fun for Boys.

7. Balloon Car

The boys can even have races with these cars after making them with a milk carton and a balloon. Find the instructions at wikiHow. When the cars are made, plan on having races with them.

8. Tin Can Lanterns

You can make your own Star Wars tin can lantern, or you can make other images on your lantern. The directions for how to make these lanterns is found at Frugal Fun for Boys. This would be a great camping or scout activity.

9. Paper Rockets

Not only are the boys going to find this a fun project, but you’ll be able to use them for your theme on patriotic holidays. You’ll find everything you need to know to make these cool rockets at alphamom.

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