DIY Table Centerpiece Ideas

For an upcoming party or to simply add an additional decorative element you can enjoy, table centerpieces add a unique touch to your home. If you haven’t tried adding a centerpiece to your table, now might be the time.

The good news is that you can keep your project budget-friendly by making your centerpiece yourself. With a little bit of time and crafting, you can have a centerpiece that is sure to impress your guests. Here are some easy DIY centerpiece ideas for your home.

Dining Room Table Centerpiece

From simple dining room centerpieces to extravagant designs, you can find the right one to match your style. It’s a good idea to find an everyday centerpiece style you can use and then one for larger gatherings and parties. Here are a few dining room centerpiece ideas:

Candle Centerpieces For Dining Room

For any occasion, candle centerpieces are both elegant and can be used for everyday décor. And there are so many ways you can incorporate candles into your dining room décor. For a simple, easy candle centerpiece, you’ll need to start with some sort of base, such as a tray or mirror. Next, take glasses, at least three, with steams and flip them upside down. You can choose to fill the area of the cup with flowers, pebbles, shells or anything that matches your décor for an extra element that pops. Place pillar candles of various sizes on top. You now have your own dining room candle centerpiece that can be used any time!

Of course, that’s not the only way you can incorporate candles into your décor. For a rustic dining room table centerpiece with candles, you’ll want to safely include natural materials. I love this tutorial from The Happier Homemaker on how you can make your own tree trunk candle holders.

Floral Centerpieces for Dining Room

In spring and summer, a floral centerpiece is just what your table needs. To keep it simple, start with your favorite vase or container. While a simple column glass vase is always popular, consider using unconventional items such as a ceramic picture or a large mason jar. To make the vase look full, start by adding your foliage, starting with the larger flowers, then inserting the smaller flowers to fill in any holes. The key is to work in a circle for each layer, so all areas are covered.

Simple Dining Room Centerpieces

If you don’t want to change or maintain your dining room centerpiece often, you’ll want to stick with something simple. On a placemat that matches the color of your room, place a large decorative bowl. From there, you can fill with your favorite item. Pinecones are a great choice or various decorative spheres. It doesn’t get easier than that!

Kitchen Table Centerpiece

When it comes to your kitchen table, function and decor must be incorporated. After all, this is where many families sit to eat and enjoy time with each other. Start with a small tray or basket. It’s important to keep your items together and organized when it comes to the kitchen table. Next, add a small plant or vase with flowers. This should be the tallest item in the basket. Opposite of the vase, add salt and pepper shakers and then napkins to their side. If there’s room, you may want to add a small decorative container with silverware that’s easily accessible.

Now, you have a beautiful and functional kitchen table centerpiece!

Thanksgiving Table Centerpiece

I can’t talk about table centerpieces without considering the holiday season! It’s the time of year when there’s likely to be plenty of friends and family gathering at your home, especially on Thanksgiving. Think red and orange hues with natural elements like pumpkins and foliage. While the Thanksgiving meal will likely be the feature of your table, make sure your centerpiece takes center stage. Here’s a unique idea from EABDesigns, turning apples into votive candle holders that are sure to catch everyone’s eye. See the tutorial.

Christmas Table Centerpiece

Christmas is another holiday where many will gather around the table. Christmas décor is about holiday décor, sparkle and warm elements. I also like when the Christmas table centerpiece is low enough where you can still see all gathered around the table. For a simple but beautiful Christmas centerpiece, see this tutorial from The Idea Room.

Of course, candles are not the only way to decorate for Christmas. A great way to get some sparkle without using candles is with battery-powered LED string lights. With a large glass vase, fill it with the lights, then add metallic ornaments to the vase. Stick a paper towel roll in the center and use a few sprigs of evergreen to make for a beautiful Christmas centerpiece.

Whatever the time of year, you can have a beautiful dining room table. Plus, centerpieces are a project you can DIY to make unique to your home. Try a few of these ideas to find the perfect dining room centerpiece for your home.

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