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The Best Bridal Shower Ideas

Your best friend, daughter or sister’s wedding day is around the corner and you get the awesome privilege of planning the biggest pre-wedding party there is – the Bridal Shower! There are so many options out there on how to throw a smashing celebration, but what’s right for this girl? Every woman has her own personality and preferences, so it can be hard deciding what to plan for her shower. But don’t worry, we found the best bridal shower ideas that will work for any bride-to-be.


Does this girl and her bae LOVE something in particular, like hiking, or the beach? If so, why not host this bridal shower with that theme in mind. Not only will it be adorable and personalized, it will make your life easier as you now have something to base all of your food, decor and gift decisions off of. Check out these fun bridal shower theme ideas!


If that bride is into anything artsy or crafty, why not have a painting party? You could get some canvases and let people go wild with painting whatever they’d like (even splatter painting is a blast when done outdoors), get a paint by numbers for the less confident artists in the room, or go to a fun painting class.


Everyone likes food, but some people LOVE it. If you have a foodie girl on your hands, throw her a party that she’ll love – a cooking class! Bring in a friend that is a chef to teach some fun quick appetizers that will also supplement your food for the party. Or have a fun Iron Chef competition between all the guests!


The bride-to-be might love to be active and enjoy the great outdoors, so don’t stop her on the bridal shower day! Take the crew for a small hike and a simple picnic. Or enjoy a short drive to a lake to spend a few hours on the beach with the girls. You can always have the guests drop off their gifts at the host’s home and everyone carpool to the outdoor destination. Then come back for treats and gift opening after the activity.


Keep that classy girl happy with a sleek, beautiful bridal shower theme inspired by Paris or the bride’s favorite love story.


Of course no party is complete without delicious food! You might decide to stick with sweet treats or add in some savory snacks. Whatever you choose, find a fun way to make it personal for the bride. Below are some fun ideas!

For the toppings lovers

Let the people build their own! Makes for easy setup and a cute, colorful display.

Let’s be real, breakfast anytime of day is delicious! This fun bridal shower food idea is a perfect way to let everyone customize their dish with exactly what they want. You can also switch out the waffles for pancakes, french toast, or crepes.

Doughnuts are pretty amazing as is, but add in some delicious custom toppings and you have a real treat!

For the mini-sized lover

Everything’s cuter when it’s mini sized. These ideas are just tiny adorableness.

Mini carrots and hummus. Yum! And don’t even get me started on the adorable pot presentation! But you can always simplify this and do a mini cup with hummus and any sort of veggie or cracker.

The cutest chip and dip concoction on the personal size level. Love this!

Cook a few meatballs, add a little cheese, bacon, lettuce and a tomato and you have probably the cutest version of a cheeseburger known to man!

For the wedding inspired

If you want to keep the bridal shower theme along the lines of the actual celebration – the wedding – then keeping the food creatively inline makes for a fun display!

There are no words for how adorable these little doughnut “rings” are, and they’re so simple to make!

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