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What does an Event Coordinator Actually do?

So he’s popped the question, you’ve made the announcement and now it’s time to start planning, but what exactly goes into planning a wedding? For most people, planning a wedding is a once in a lifetime thing and can be new, unfamiliar, and daunting. How do you navigate the complex intricacies of planning a wedding as easily and stress free as possible?

An event coordinator is someone who will help you visualize your dream wedding and then guide you as you bring that dream to life. Having an event coordinator takes a huge weight off of your shoulders and allows you to simply enjoy the process. But what does an event coordinator actually do? Here are a few ways an event coordinator will make your life easier.

An event coordinator is some who will help you visualize your dream wedding and then guide


One of the most crucial skills for an event coordinator to have is the ability to listen. Every couple who walks through their doors has a different story and unique needs. Your event coordinator is there to help you make smart decisions, but also to create a wedding that is personal and unique to you. Bring your own ideas and concerns to your first meeting and let them work with you to address them.

Designing and Planning

A lot goes into a wedding –  picking the colors, the flowers, the room layout, the food, and the music, and putting all of those things together into one beautiful and fluid event can be difficult. Event coordinators know what works, they are trained in the newest trends, and have the experience needed to bring everything together smoothly. They will make sure everything runs perfectly on your big day so the only thing you have to worry about is enjoying the happiest day of your life.


One of the biggest advantages to having an event coordinator is their experience. Most people are only involved in one or two weddings in their entire life, but for an event coordinator it happens on a weekly basis. They have done it enough times to foresee common problems and know how to avoid them. Things like common wedding customs, guest accommodations, and how to save money. I mean, would you think to accommodate your sister’s kids with plenty of children’s activities or your vegetarian aunt with plenty of meatless options? These are the types of things your event coordinator knows to expect and how to handle.

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